Enhance your knowledge about these unique flowers on earth

With the effect of evolution, different species of plants and animals have emerged into different shapes, colors, and sizes. They have these unique features owing to protecting themselves from the dangers of the outside world. Whether it is a plant or animal, everyone tries to save itself one way or another. It may not be seen, but plants also use tricks and techniques to defend themselves. 

Like animals, they cannot run, so with evolution, they adapted themselves in such a way that it can prevent them from dangers. Some plants have spikes, some use acids, some have strong odors, or some can hide or disguise. Here is a list of blooms with distinct features and have unique appearances.

Dancing girls

Other names of dancing girls or dancing ladies blooms are Oncidium orchids. As the name suggests, these blooms look like dancing girls. The night temperature must be below 60 for the proper growth of Oncidium orchids. Some of them can grow indoors, but they need humidity. Therefore you should use water spray. There can be some humidity if you will place pots of some plants together. If you can afford, buy a humidifier. Seeds can be bought online, and you can have them in your house if you order flowers online, and you can grow them if you live in a cool region. There are multiple species of dancing ladies that have different colors and designs. Repotting the plant every two to three years can aid in better growth.

 Swaddled baby orchid

Anguloa uniflora orchids are those flowers that look like small babies covered with a blanket. These are found in countries like Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. These flowers mostly have white color, but this can vary in other varieties. People grow these flowers in their homes as well because these can have adorable looks.


These flowers grow one at a time and last only for a few days. However, it's one flower is enough because this is one of the biggest flowers on earth. This is a parasitic plant, and it has a smell of rotting meat to attract insects. This orchid needs specific environmental conditions to grow so it can grow in its natural habitat.

Amorphophallus titanum

This is also a giant bloom that grows in Indonesia. It has a disgusting smell of rotting meat, which can disturb you owing to the fact that the smell can reach far places. Amorphophallus titanum is also called Titan arum lily. Its spadix looks like a giant chimney. You can definitely not grow this plant at your house, but you can be amazed by its size. It has a very short life span.

Monkey orchid

These flowers look exactly like the face of a monkey, and anyone who sees them for the first time can be surprised to see these unique things which can also exist on the planet. This flower has this beautiful fragrance of ripping orange and grows in the cool weather of North America. People living in cool regions can grow this plant, and after sowing the seeds, you should not cover them with soil as they need light for germination. Monkey orchids are also known as Dracula simia.

Antirrhinum majus

These flowers look alluring when they bloom, but when the petals fall, its clean and dry pod looks like the skull of any monster, but you should not be afraid because there are no monsters in this plant. These look beautiful when they are young, and everything can look dull if it gets old, so do not worry about this plant and grow them in your house as flowering plants are available online, and you can order online Lilies bouquet. Some people even consider them lucky.


These plants have the ability to change their appearance. They hide themselves in the stone-like figure to create an illusion that these are not edible for animals. Consequently, animals do not eat them. The Kalahari desert of Africa is the native place of these blooms.

Amorphophallus gigas

Amorphophallus gigas is also called the devil's tongue owing to the size and shape of its spadix. It is one of the tallest flowers. It also stinks like dead fish.

Hydnora Africana

You can understand from its name that it is from Africa. It uses its disgusting smell to catch insects, and when any bug enters its mouth, it closes its mouth. The plants eat insects when they do not get nutrition from the soil. Its stem is hidden in the ground. It can be a bit scary for you, and this is not the flower to grow at home.

Tacca Chantrieri

Tacca chantrieri flowers, also known as the black bat flower, look terrifying because of their appearance is similar to that of a bat. There are different varieties of this plant, and all are in black color.

Hooker's lips orchid

The flowers of Psychotria elata are hidden inside the shiny red leaves of the plant, which look like lips, and that is why these are named as hooker's lips orchids. These flourish well in the rainforests of South America. The soil should be moist, and there should be humidity. They grow in the shade. It can be found in countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

There are many other orchids like parrot orchids, moth orchids, bees orchids, duck orchids, and many more, which look captivating because of their similarities with the looks of different animals and even insects.