What is Careprost Eyelash Serum?

 It is taking into consideration the results brought by a selected eyelash serum if there are any. But a way to recognize an efficient eyelash serum before purchasing and starting the treatment? Initially, this might look like a difficult task.

It's enough to find out some characteristics of efficient eyelash serum. So, you'll be able to buy groceries for cosmetics! The strategy of application is one in every one of the traits that characterize any effective eyelash serum. However, before we speak about distributing it, let's check how the nutrients supply the lashes. The hairs, including the eyelashes, absorb vitamins, minerals, macro, and microelements from the skin cells, and carry these forward to the ends of the hair.

Similarly, the transport of nutrients is organized in nature. Trees or plants in flower pots use their roots to soak up water and substances necessary for leaves, bark, and other parts' development. What will we do to assist our flowers to grow strong?

We are going to water them and fertilize the soil. Thereby, we offer everything that's needed to grow the flower. As you'll see, we want to try and do the identical to nourish and take care of our lashes. We've to form attempts to produce them with as many nutrients as possible and provide them on to the follicles - the very place where lashes grow. Appropriate applicators - brushes are applied to such tasks.

Every effective Careprost eyelash serum comes with this sort of applicator. With its assistance, one needs to paint a thin line right the bottom of the lashes, both on the upper and lower eyelid. During this way, we can supply the follicles with the substances liable for growth, regeneration, improvement, density, and nourishment. Indeed, proper application isn't the sole feature that characterizes an efficient eyelash serum.

 Another element is that the carefully selected ingredients like bimatoprost. Additionally, the naturally nourishing and regenerating substances and efficient eyelash serum must include components that ensure the freshness of the merchandise, which makes the lashes grow by making them thicker.

What is the estimated waiting period to both see the results and complete the treatment? If you systematically utilize an eyelash serum, then after about a period, you ought to notice the immediate results.

This era of your time is often more or less long because it depends on how you react to cosmetic products. The full length of therapy depends on eyelash serum; however, it always takes about three months. When this era of your time passes, an eyelash serum should be applied a pair of times per week.

How to use careprost for eyelash growth

Clean face of make-up, remove contact lenses if there are any.

Drain one drop of the drug into a small, clean container (this could be, for example, a spoon or a bottle lid)

Dip the applicator into the preparation (a thin brush)

Apply the applicator along the lash line: you should feel that the eyelid is wet.

Remove the excess amount with a cotton swab.

One drop of the drug should be enough for two eyes. With the rest, you can also cleanse eyebrows. Do not apply careprost and Super Lash drops to the lower eyelid. In the absence of eye irritation and infection, a brush can be used to treat both eyes. After each procedure, the applicator should be washed and dried to dry. Ideally, the applicator should be replaced every 2-4 months.

When to apply careprost: in the morning or in the evening?

There are no strict limits. Decide when it is most convenient for you to perform the procedure. Although many patients, by the way, prefer to carry out the process in the morning. If you use the product at night, there is a risk that the solution will wash up on the pillow overnight..

To apply careprost, it is not recommended to use any other applicator (except the sterile applicators included in the kit) or a brush. Do not apply the drug on the lower eyelid. Avoid contact of the dropper with any surface to avoid infection.


Use of careprost in pregnancy and breastfeeding

In animal studies with Bimatoprost at a dose 33-97 times the recommended dose peruse, miscarriages were observed. When applied at 41 times the therapeutic dose, the frequency of fetal death was observed. In animal studies, the penetration of Bimatoprost into breast milk was confirmed.

It is not recommended for patients with:

  • renal dysfunction
  • nephropathy
  • contraindicated to young people under 18.


In some cases, careprost can cause side effects such as:

  • itchy eyes
  • conjunctival hyperemia
  • eye irritation
  • dry eye syndrome
  • hyperpigmentation of the skin of the eyelids
  • redness of the eyelids
  • The listed side effects were observed in less than 4% of cases.
  • Possible decrease in intraocular pressure.

Contraindications to the use of careprost

  • age to 18 years
  • pregnancy
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug
  • the period of breastfeeding

The treatment effect develops gradually in most patients for up to 2 months. Patients should be advised that the drug effect is unstable, and a gradual return to baseline is expected after discontinuation of careprost drug use. There may be variations in the lashes' length, color, thickness intensity, and lashes' total quantity. If the patient has forgotten to apply the careprost drug, it is used at the usual time the next day. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd