Do strawberries help erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction: the diet that preserves male sensuality

It is a problem that afflicts over 3 million Italian men, and that can be countered by food that improves blood flowing and the reduction of overweight.

According to specialists, erectile dysfunction hits over three million Italians and not just the older ones. It is a more comprehensive breakdown even amongst young people with non-negligible rates. In addition to absolutely having to resort to a healing consultation, especially with an urologist and an andrologist, it is probable to happen already at the counter, calibrating the food more healthily, for the good of both desire and general physical health.

The primary foods for erectile dysfunction

They are the ones that carry antioxidants. Anthocyanins refer to the flavonoid class and give the red, purple, and blue shades to blueberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, grapes, black currants, radishes, red cabbage, and red radicchio. They are also seen in pears, bananas, asparagus, peas, and potatoes, although their presence is minimum and does not noticeably influence these vegetables' colors.

Because foods abundant in anthocyanins are best for you

According to research conducted in collaboration by Harvard and East Anglia Universities in Norwich, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who eat the vegetables listed above may have a 14-21 chance of reducing erectile dysfunction. Suppose included in a healthy diet, useful against intestinal fat, usually the cause of erectile dysfunction and overweight. But it must be said that the best outcomes are achieved by linking regular physical exercise with the diet.

The helpful action of anthocyanins and flavonoids, in common, is due to the powerful antioxidant power of these factors, which give to the protection of blood vessels, toning them and improving blood circulation, to the help of erection, but also of heart wellness and brain.

Anti-belly food is also required to face erectile dysfunction

The metabolic syndrome, of which one may suspect the presence when you have accumulations of intestinal fat and waist in humans, is more significant than 101cm, greatly raises the chance of erectile dysfunction. In these cases, there is an improvement in oxidative stress, the body's cells age quicker, and prolonged inflammation, which raises the risk of obesity and drives to erectile dysfunction.

How should the erectile dysfunction diet be?

It needs an anti-inflammatory diet to keep blood sugar levels under control, hence, defensive of diabetes. Consequently, it is required to reduce fast food, too sweet and too salty, plenty of red meats, cold cuts, and fatty cheeses.

At the same time, the consumption style that helps weight reduction and prevents erectile dysfunction is different, abundant in foods such as sea fish and oily fruit that include anti-inflammatory Omega 3, antioxidant fruits and vegetables that support the excess of free radicals with an inflammatory response and detoxifying fibers such as those we present in these pages and gives for the replacement of white cereals and derivatives bread, pasta, etc. with whole meal ones.

Also, pay consideration to food intolerances

To achieve the best effects, it is also necessary to evaluate the possible carriage of food intolerances and, in special, to milk, yeasts, and eggs, but also the presence or lack of sensitivity to gluten it is not the celiac disorder!, Today, it is increasingly extensive due to the extreme consumption of products including wheat and its derivatives, such as focaccia, biscuits, bread, pasta, pizza, etc.

In addition to intestinal swelling, this can direct to inflammatory states that support the growth of excess fluids and fats, including abdominal fat. Gluten fanaticism and sensitivities can be estimated with a rotating diet, which includes consuming the "defendant" food only once every three days, studying how you feel throughout the three days off, and the symptoms of the food, on the fourth day, it is reintroduced.


Regarded one of the most delightful foods for both men and women, different berries, like strawberries, carry high quantities of folate and vitamin C. These nutrients improve your feelings, your reactions, and your performance. As an appended benefit, raspberries, dip blueberries, and blackberries in chocolate run your spouse crazy. kamagra oral jelly also make you more romantic and treat your ED fast.

Apples carry anthocyanin, one of three flavonoids the researchers discovered to be the most helpful. Such do strawberries. Other foods that can support are cherries, blueberries, citrus fruits, and even a fine red wine glass.

Can Lifestyle Changes and Natural Treatments Help to ED?

Eat just some portions a week, and your chance of ED cuts 10 percent. Pack your diet with even more fruits, and it drops 14 percent. Order the pinot noir instead of the beer; jump some blueberries inside your mouth while you’re attending the football game. According to this research, that’s just as great as two to five hours of energetic walking each week.

Of course, if you consume lots of fruit while sitting on your couch all day, you may not see the effects that you’re watching for. Nothing is a replacement for a regular workout. The researchers discovered that men who picked flavonoid-rich fruits and sweated out regularly reduced their chances of feeling ED the most, with a 21% drop in prospect. Tadalista 20 and Vidalista 40 are weekends pills and used for impotence.

Even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction or ED, you should eat fruit and exercise. It’s just excellent life advice, and it can support keep you fully working in the years to arrive.