What does women's jewelry talk about?

Most often, girls are presented with jewelry based on their preferences and character. However, the system can work the other way around. That is, what prevents you from learning more about a person by analyzing jewelry? So, we learn to recognize non-verbal codes and determine the character and preferences of girls by their earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Jewelry will tell about the character of the girl.

Do you think the ring can only determine the girl's marital status? You are gravely mistaken. Rings are worn by many, primarily, of course, gold jewelry is held in high esteem. They draw attention to the hands and emphasize status.

It is crucial which finger the girl adorns. If unnamed, she is most likely vulnerable, romantic, and sentimental—medium - narcissism, and self-control. Girls with rings on their index fingers are domineering, decisive, and knowing their worth.

As for the jewelry itself, it's easy to figure it out. Elegant thin rings without any unique jewelry speak of modesty, moderation, calmness. If the girl prefers bright specimens with precious stones, some figurines, etc. - she is most likely restless, passionate, and assertive.

As for the earrings, everything is somewhat more complicated here. Again, modest, calm, cute girls, as a rule, prefer something not too noticeable - carnations, small gold or silver earrings. If you see the same thing in the lady's ears, but with precious stones, you cannot do without coquetry, charm, and, possibly, frivolity.

Large earrings can speak of passion as well as romance and vulnerability. It all depends on the design. If these are massive gold jewelry with stones - most likely, you have come across the first option - the girl will always have her own opinion and be strong-willed, decisive - in general, fatal. Vintage or long earrings, which do not immediately attract attention, will tell about romance.

As for bracelets, massive gold jewelry (especially for everyday clothes) in 9 cases out of 10 speaks of bad taste. This is bad manners, which have a place in the 90s. Precious bracelets are worn under evening dresses, where they are only appropriate. In extreme cases, it should be something delicate and "weightless" - say a thin silver bracelet with topaz.

However, of course, you need to evaluate the whole image as a whole. Individual decorations may reveal some secrets to you, but these are only details.