How to decorate a 6 beautiful ideas

We select options for a stylish and cozy decoration of a small garden, which will not require much effort and cost.

1) Use textiles

The most affordable and budgetary way to decorate a small terrace is to add textiles. Translucent light curtains will look good between wooden beams and protect in the heat from the burning sun's rays, and in the evening - from drafts and mosquitoes. Also, they will immediately give the space a habitable and cozy look. You can't just take cotton or silk curtains from home and hang them outside. The best options are acrylic and other artificial fabrics - they are not subject to fading in the sun, durable, and suitable for frequent washing in the washing machine.

Also, don't forget garden upholstery, pillow covers, tablecloths, and throws. Together, these elements make the terrace a pleasant place to relax. It is advisable to select them, combining them in color, texture, and pattern, so that you get a deep and stylish space in the end.

2) Arrange plants

Even on the narrowest site, there is room for several flower pots. Consider landscaping carefully: a canopy or roof canopy casts shade on the terrace throughout the day, which means that shade-loving plants and flowers will be appropriate—suitable fern, dwarf shrub roses, arborvitae, cactus, sage, lavender. You can place a pot of ivy at the foot of the house wall, and it will curl, clinging to the wall, creating beautiful vertical gardening. If space isn't enough and you don't feel like tripping over the pots when getting close to garden furniture, try placing plants on the steps or to the door's sides.

The terrace also a great place to try your hand at gardening and create a mini-vegetable garden. Try growing mint, basil, dill, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, and even tomatoes.

When choosing plants, you need to consider: an open terrace or a closed one. On a closed one, some plants will even be able to winter with a little additional insulation, and if they are open, they will have to be taken into the house.

3)Use backlight

The easiest ways to add coziness to the interior by hanging a garland is also suitable for an outdoor terrace. Just do not make a New Year's crown for these purposes, intended for indoor use. It would help if you had an outdoor model with additional protection against moisture and mechanical damage, which will ensure your safety.

When decorating the terrace, keep in mind that it will have to be illuminated more thoroughly in the evening time you can spend time with guests there.

Which lighting method to choose

Arrange the candles. This is when large, heavy candles in candlesticks or a glass stand will come in handy.

Install the lamps on the wall. It is unnecessary to bring electricity under them, and you can find an option that is mounted on the wall and runs on batteries.

Hang lamps under a canopy—the most technically difficult, but very effective way. You need to lead out several wires for the lights and hang them in different terrace parts so that they hang 20-30 cm.

4) Create a beautiful composition of garden furniture

For a small terrace, you will have to select elegant and compact furniture that will leave free space for comfortable movement and will not visually overload the area.

A small metal table with a pair of chairs, reminiscent of the furniture in European street cafes, works well. Or you can try to make a sofa out of pallets so you will choose the size, height, and shape yourself and save a lot on creating a sofa to order individually for your terrace. You can also place a pair of armchairs against the wall and place a small piece of a sawn tree trunk between them - instead of a vase stand or coffee table.

5) Tile the floor

A slightly more labor-intensive decorating solution is tiling the floor. Even beginners can do this technique since you only need to clean the surface, apply a cement screed and, when it dries, put the tiles on the adhesive composition. Please pick up a rough and frost-resistant finishing material so that it does not slip in rainy weather and does not crack in frosty weather.

In addition to the decorative advantage over the usual wooden floor, the tile has an important feature - it is enjoyable to walk on it barefoot in the heat.

6) Make decor from unnecessary things

Lovely d├ęcor doesn't have to be bought in the store. Often it can be made from scrap materials that are already in your country house and even look like garbage. The photo is an example of how even a rusty rain barrel can be inscribed to look like a stylish design item. Frames on the wall will turn out from old boxes, from massive and rough beams - a unique sofa.


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