In 2020, leggings became an essential piece of stylish wardrobe and appeared in various original options, making women truly sexy and graceful.

Fashionable new leggings 2020

Today, several wardrobe items remain fashionable both in the past and in the coming year. We will not mention each of them, because we will talk about one of them - leggings. It is worth noting that they have been occupying the top positions for more than one year, but at least four seasons.

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Now on to the fun part - fashion. Leggings, like several seasons in a row, are full of their diversity. New Year dictates its own rules. High-waisted classic leggings. These models go well with tunics, shirts, short dresses, blouses. Leggings can be worn under high heels and with low soles. The colors, ornament, stripes and lines, blurred patterns, classic black, blue, and brown colors and their shades will be in fashion.

Leather leggings

Yes, yes, this option was also ideal for fashionistas in 2020. This year girls can wear both patent leather and matte. Also, models that combine both versions of the material will be relevant. The color scheme is varied: white, black, cherry, green, blue, and others.

Denim leggings

Surely jeans will delight us for centuries. So leggings of 2020 will also be sewn from jeans, having their name - jeggings. The main task of fashion designers is the practicality and convenience of girls.

Leopard Leggings

You cannot go unnoticed if you have chic tight leggings on the legs, sewn from fabric "under a leopard." For sewing, both knitwear and leather are used. You decide to give liking to this type of leggings, you should know that you do not need to overdo it with the "leopard," the rest of the outfit should not contain it.

Mesh leggings

The style of such leggings is militarism, where a bright totemic pattern was added. You will say that such an ornament is quite specific, but fashion designers advise wearing leggings with dresses containing lace, considering this combination to be ideal.

Shiny leggings

To be bright and unique means to be at the height of fashion this year. Leggings 2020 is boldly decorated with sequins, sequins, rhinestones, equipped with lurex. Such trousers will be combined with openwork blouses, blouses, leather bags. Also, the designers decided to decorate the lurex leggings with slits.

Sports leggings

Every girl should have such leggings in her wardrobe this year because they are comfortable and practical. These items of clothing are suitable for both sports and everyday life. When choosing leggings models, you need to remember that stripes, diagonal lines, and inserts of different shades will emphasize the slimness of the silhouette and stretch it a little.

Printed leggings

Modern designers have widely diversified patterns, using everything from ordinary stripes to the most intricate designs. Floral print and others are used. The most stylish shades of leggings will be pastel tones, although you should not refuse the brighter ones. You need to wear an already golden bottom with a top of the same color so that the image does not resemble a parrot.

Jersey leggings

Riggings are the other name for jersey trousers. Fashion designers offer leggings with decorative inserts made of textured knitwear or leather. They can also be conditioned by pockets, equipped with zippers and fasteners. This version of leggings is not only fashionable but also practical. You can wear them with anything; they will favorably complement the most sophisticated image.

Plaid leggings

This is a novelty of the coming season from British fashion designers. They delight the fair sex with leggings in small and large peas, combining white and black tones, making them the most relevant. As for the cell, it will enjoy unprecedented popularity. And the most fashionable colors will be red and black combined.

And finally, I would like to note that leggings are such a thing that needs to be selected clearly in size. If the pants are a little too big, folds cannot be avoided, and if the size is too small, they will most likely resemble tights. Therefore, only the right size will make the girl truly sexy and graceful.

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