How to build a dream house: TOP-5 styles for a country house

However, for the house to become truly comfortable and dear, you need to approach the central issue correctly. Modern design trends are constantly changing, but some styles are only gaining popularity. A dream house should have its unique zest, a distinctive atmosphere, and mood.

Many people wonder how to build a dream house. Of course, any construction begins with a project. Depending on the financial capabilities, the territory's size, and the owner's ambitions, a house can be a truly magnificent building of modern architecture. However, the interior design of a dream house should not be inferior to its appearance. A modest design can dampen the sparkle of delight in the eyes of the guests of your mansion.
The house of my dreams is a broad concept that consists of many components. For one person, this is a luxurious villa with sea views, for another - a cozy rural cottage with a flowering terrace. To accurately implement all the plans and ideas in creating your favorite home, you should entrust the interior of the estate with an experienced and talented designer. Depending on the wishes of the owner, type of house, and allocated budget, you can choose one of the fashionable styles in the interior.

Extravaganza color in the style of interior
This version of the modern interior is suitable only for courageous and adventurous people. The style decisively casts off monochrome and neutrality in every detail, decoration, or decor. The interior of the house in the form of boho came in our time from the hippie movement era and lingered. The multicolor trend will appeal to creative personalities and extraordinary people. Style violates the generally accepted rules of measure and halftone in design. In the center of the interior are random tones and extravagant shades. A boho-style house overflows with decor, furniture, and decorations.
However, this does not mean that such a mansion is impractical in every meter. The combination of different patterns and textures allows you to complement the attic with bright elements, and the pool will make the center of hot parties.

Originality and practicality of futurism
A style from the future is always relevant and loved by many modern people. The practicality of this area is difficult to overestimate. New details and functional furniture emphasize the progressive thinking of the owner of the house. Original items in the interior will help to solve non-standard tasks and make everyday life brighter.
Classics can be diluted with elements of this style, giving the interior modernity and brightness. An unusual rack can divide the space into zones and, at the same time, save a lot of essential things. Futurism is easy to combine with high-tech and country style.

Magic of the East
This charming style impresses with the luxury of the palaces and the coziness of old tales. Oriental motifs are conducive to revelation, friendship, and a little childish joy. Arabic style as if descends from the pages of the famous fairy tale "A Thousand and One Nights". The main thing in it is not luxury at all, but a thin line between luxurious and straightforward design. The task of dividing a room into zones is solved very only - by creating secluded niches. In such a place, it is easy to arrange a bedroom or a guest room.
The main feature of the oriental style is heavy furniture in sufficient quantities. Most often, these are bright sofas, which act as accents at home and dispose to rest. The attic in such a mansion can become real mansions for a young princess or prince, using canopies, bright pillows, and soft rugs.

The Luxury of the Great Gatsby
The refined taste of a real gentleman is inherent in every centimeter of an Art Deco house. It combines several trends, including Egyptian motifs, African passions, and the romance of the Greek era. Art Deco is filled with zigzags in patterns and shapes. Lace motifs adorn sideboards, dressers, and even the legs of chairs. A house in this style will be remembered for originality, maximum comfort, and practical details.

Interior Laconicism of minimalism
The classics in the interiors become a little boring and ordinary. Classic design elements are being replaced by minimalism. The style is not overloaded with details and suits a modern person with goals and ambitions. Natural materials and neutral shades do not tire the eyes, and the correct forms do not raise questions. Monochrome design in minimalism is the undisputed leader. The combination of black and white emphasizes freedom in the space and life of the owner.
 A small number of decorative elements make the country house as spacious and modern as possible. The attic can become a study or a pleasant living room, and the pool area allows you to place a couple of additional sun loungers.