9 Easy Ways To Make An Apartment Beautiful And Comfortable Without Repair

Emily Henderson, an interior designer and author of The Style, reveals the tricks that transform an apartment without spending a lot of effort and money.

 Method 1. Tell us about yourself

An essential thing in the interior is your personality. But how can she be seen? An armchair or a kitchen set will not say that you like to travel, swim in the sea and participate in marathons. But a well-thought-out corner with vacation photos or cups reminiscent of significant sports achievements will immediately attract guests' attention. When you collect objects for decoration, remember: your favorite things are always combined, and if you select them by color, you will enhance their mutual harmony.

Method 2. Create comfort at the entrance to the house

The house should welcome you with open arms: a bench, soft carpet, pleasant lighting will help you quickly forget about the worries of the outside world. Find a place to store the most necessary things. Arrange for them boxes on a tray where you can put keys, a trifle, mail, and a wallet. It looks beautiful and organized.

Method 3. Play with contrasts

One of the simple and effective techniques is a combination of different elements. You can play with the contrast of styles, shapes, colors, ornaments, sizes, and textures. It is essential to consider that the amount of such opposites depends on how much energy a room will be filled with. Sharp contrasts give the impression of activity, and low variations give peace. Prefer something in between to make the place enjoyable, but not crazy.

Method 4. Use color dosed

If you like color, do not use it on the walls. Sounds contradictory, right? Usually, what you want in one season is annoying in the next. But after making the inner space calm, you can add colors and details to the decor. When your eyes get tired of green pillows or blue photo frames, they will be easy to replace.

If you prefer muted tones, choose a wall that will become an accent in the room, and paint it in a bright color. Or lay a colored carpet on the floor. Such advice is related to the fact that you tend to be cautious: place objects and accessories of "safe" colors in the room. Even with the most modest color preferences, no one wants to live in a dim room. And so it will charge you with force.

Method 5. Keep a Balance

Maintain a visual balance between objects and furniture in the room. This is the key to creating a peaceful atmosphere. If you put a large floor lamp on one side of the sofa, put a focus of the same size on the other so that there is no visual skew. Only in no case is the same floor lamp.

Method 6. Add a painting

For centuries, the traditional wall gallery consisted of originals of paintings of the portrait genre. They add personality to the wall, if only because faces instantly provoke a response from you. Look for paintings in flea markets. True, consider an important rule: pictures are accessories in the room. And they, as in clothes, should be much more expensive than furniture. If you inherited any canvases, give the frames a second life - paint them. If you do not have funds for these canvases, do not hang reproductions. It is better to arrange family photos beautifully.

Method 7. Find a place for souvenirs

Also, do not overdo it with details and do not "clog" the interior with souvenirs, vases, figurines (usually a heap of small things is appropriate only in antique houses). If you have a penchant for collecting, keep your trinkets in one place. You can place them on bookshelves. If you manage to adhere to one color scheme, you are closer to a successful stylistic decision.

Method 8. Place a coffee table

It will help to balance the space. Also, it is convenient to use it as a museum stand: not only the things that you regularly use but also souvenirs will lie on it or stand on it. For example, a snag or a shell can be used as a paperweight for paper.

Method 9. Enter bohemian chic

If you have put up with your eccentricities and eccentricity, make them part of your interior. For example, a hammock instead of a side chair is an excellent improvisation of a seat! And let instead of a chandelier on the ceiling a huge branch, wrapped in light bulbs, flaunt - an appropriate choice to cause admiration.