10 ways to transform a rented apartment fast and reasonably

Do you have a small budget? Want for a little money to stylishly equip a rented apartment? We offer you 10 efficient ways to help do this.

How to make a cozy rental apartment? How to turn someone else’s home into a comfortable room without extra costs, which you will be pleased to return to? If you make a little effort, it’s easy to transform the atmosphere and bring it closer to home with the help of decoration.

1. Always bring your textiles with you.

The easiest and most proven way to change the situation is textiles. Such an undertaking is unlikely to be expensive. But it’s easier to create an individual modern style in the room using curtains, bedspreads, rugs, rugs, chair covers. Moreover, they are easy to transport in case of an apartment change.

Our opinion:
“Possibly you should not keep on good bedding.” Most often, there is no time to fill a bed with a bedspread. A beautiful bedding set is an excellent alternative to a bedspread: it will always look gorgeous even when it is not removed.

2. Light will make the room more familiar

As a rule, a room always has one central chandelier. An excellent way to transform your surroundings is to add additional light sources. The lamps and floor lamps should be on the clamps. So with their help, it is more comfortable to design mood and lighting solutions. If you hang your unique light, the room will become closer and dearer to you.

3. When one apartment for three

Now it’s fashionable to rent an apartment for two or three people. It is both more economical and more fun. The collective arrangement is more rational: someone will bring curtains, someone will have a rug, iron, and other necessary trifles.

To solve the organization of personal items, use metal, or any other basket. If desired, mark each - where is whose.

4. Pillows and poufs

Decorative pillows are a real find. With their help, it is easy to create uniform compositions on chairs and sofas for a competent style complement to the interior.

Here you can use different colours and shapes. On chairs and seats, they are utilized to soften. And in case of friends come, there is always a place on the floor where you can sit on pillows.

Poufs are also unusual additional sources of comfort. They are easy to move and create such a cozy atmosphere.

5. Glass jars

Do not throw away glass jars. They are easy to adapt as suitable vessels for storing food. Functional and beautiful, even if there is no kitchen set. An open shelf from a full board is quite ideal for these purposes.

Glass containers are useful if there are no unique flower vases. This is the fastest and most inexpensive way to decorate a room. In winter, instead of flower, use dry twigs as a decoration.

6. Photos, paintings, posters

An old proven way to quickly give room comfort and design it home - photos, paintings, and posters. It is specially essential to use them when the wall is dry or has a not very beautiful appearance.

A large sheet or picture will also save the condition. They will bring actual energy into the room. The room will gain a fashionable look.

Mubeen Arshad, interior designer:

- Usually, the walls in a rented house leave much to be wanted - declined and not interesting. You can repaint them to your desire if the landlord permits. Or hang in a prominent place a large poster with your favorite plot. Use stickers that can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

To match the colors of the plot on the poster (no more than 2-3 colors), choose bright pillowcases on pillows, you can even sew them yourself. Lay them out on a sofa or bed, add a blanket, rug. All this will add warmth! You can also displace the master decorations with those that match the color of the new decor elements.

7. Favorable living environment - flowers

Greenery always creates a favorable atmosphere of comfort in the house. Given that students still do not have enough time, it is not worthwhile to plant flowers that need complex care. The simple focus is quite enough. In a minimalistic version, a cactus is suitable.

Grains of cereals can create the effect of a fresh green islet. If they are laid in a shallow container and lightly sprinkled with earth, they sprout very quickly.

Mubeen Arshad, interior designer:

- Living indoor flowers add homeliness - sprouts can be asked from acquaintances amateur gardeners and plant them yourself. Use anything as flower pots, for example, old teacups, cans with paper or string wrapped around them - a stylized handmade planter. Your imagination may suggest an exciting option.

8. Convenient element of decor - slate board

A slate is a beautiful item for decorating a rented apartment. You can adapt it anywhere: on the wall, refrigerator, on the table. Even an old, unattractive interior door is easy to revive with a slate.

Also, it is convenient to leave a watch list and messages to each other if you live together or three.

9. A screen for all seasons

How to determine the problem with personal space for two or three students in the same apartment? Specially when there are no inner doors in the room. A mobile and low-cost zoning solution will be the dividing screen.

It is more convenient to use the accordion version. They are simple to transfer, fold, and store. Behind the partition, it’s easier to hide the bed and create a small sitting area. Also, the screen is useful when there is no closet. Behind it is easier to protect things and make a mini-dressing room.

10. Simple furniture

When a rented residence is unfurnished, it becomes a problem. After all, you never know how much you will live in it. And transporting heavy furniture from place to place is not very fun and useful.

In this case, it is more immeasurable to use multifunctional modular furniture. It is simple to move, found the desired composition.

Our opinion:
- Everything that can b e transferred or moved is called movable property. In the future, at the next move, you can easily take all this with you. Choose rugs, vases, lamps, removable covers for sofas, armchairs, chairs, and other items. So you quickly and budget equip any rented apartment in a cozy home.

If you have to purchase a bed, let it be with extra lockers for things. Many students use inflatable sofas or mattresses.

By the way, cardboard furniture is rapidly becoming fashionable. It is durable and lightweight. Not only bookshelves or accommodation boxes are made from cardboard, but also made of chairs, tables, and even beds.

In severe cases, you can always get old chairs, stools, suitcases. Paint them and create a vintage look.

Mubeen Arshad, interior designer:
- Furniture, as a rule, is not enough. As cabinets and shelves for books, you can use ordinary boxes by placing them or hanging them on the wall. Color them or leave them as they are; this will correspond to the now fashionable eco team.

You can also ask your friends some things from the cottage, for example, a table and unnecessary old chairs, and repaint them yourself in bright colors. Thus, an item can be transformed beyond recognition.