How to make beautiful windows in an apartment

There are many options for how to add a highlight to the interior with the help of elegantly designed windows. Often people use something inconspicuous and straightforward - blinds or curtains, adapted only to protect from the sun or extra eyes. Still, we suggest that you turn the choice of accessories for windows into real art. It's hard to believe, but the beautiful design of plastic windows can decorate a room no worse than expensive furniture or wall decorations.

How to make a window in the living room or kitchen

Curtains, sliding curtains, blinds and much more - there are options for every taste, they protect from the excess sun and serve as a window decoration. Of course, they are selected by the color and interior as a whole. Do not neglect fabrics with patterns, and choose the color depending on the color of the wall in which the windows are located. Pay attention to the fact that when light from a window falls on a given material, its structure becomes more distinct. This, however, can be both a minus and a plus.

20 good window design ideas

How you can combine various materials on one window. Roller blinds or blinds look great in combination with curtains of the right style. One of them should be transparent, and the other - on the contrary. This creates a good effect. The only thing - it is desirable to use similar materials still since it is challenging to combine the perfect dissimilar types of fibres nearby.

Thick curtains on the windows

Curtains or blackout curtains have always been in fashion and are unlikely to leave it. Suitable for almost all interior styles, depending on which one is used - the color, density and material change.

Set accents with window decoration

Curtains can be attached to the ceiling or wall using a cornice. Mounting on the roof will make the room visually bulkier. As an option, the cornice can be hidden behind decorative stucco. If the ceiling is too high - recommends using wall mounts.

Curtain Pattern

The main thing here is to choose the right length. The curtain should be in contact with the floor so that wrinkles do not form, but they should not be made too short.

Dimming and decorating windows - translucent sliding curtains

Sliding curtains are a good option for interiors where you do not want to clutter up the area near the window. Often they have their guide. They consist of several parts with different colors or patterns.

Translucent roller blinds for small windows

Roller shutters are trendy and easy to use. Especially suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom, as they are well tolerated by moisture and can be attached directly to the window frame. At its core, it is just a solid, dense fabric rolled up into a roll.

Striped curtains - opaque and transparent stripes

Roller shutters come in different sizes. Also, there is a wide selection of materials: cotton, polyester, paper yarn, bamboo. Most often used in combination with plastic windows. You should not save on roller shutters or windows. We recommend buying plastic windows in trusted stores, for example, in the company "Bright Windows".

Shower curtain

Roller blinds with transparent and opaque patterns are an excellent opportunity to protect from prying eyes, most often a bathroom and toilet, but at the same time preserve natural light.

Roller blinds in blue tones

All this is packed in a unique cassette that protects the fabric from dust. Beautiful color is perfect for bathrooms or, for example, for children.

Windows and Roman blinds

The curtain consists of solid fabric, like a curtain, but folds like an accordion. Roman curtains are exceptionally well attached to small windows or to those that do not correspond to standard sizes. They look natural, and the fabric required for sewing is much lower than for curtains - precisely the size of the window.

Roman curtains made of fabric with a pattern for dimming and window decoration

Almost every fabric is suitable. Fabrics with patterns and ornaments accent the room and emphasize the surrounding objects.

Beautiful roman curtains will suit any bedroom.

With the help of Roman curtains, the floor under the window remains free, and the fabric is not washed during cleaning and does not collect dust. A large selection of dimming options makes it possible to decorate windows and at the same time, provide protection from the sun and visibility.