Creative Ideas for Any Blog

Creative blog and Instagram post ideas. Themes for posts are never bad; there is a problem about what to write a post about. Choose interesting and use with success.

Have you ever sat there, unsuccessfully trying to write a post, but all ideas for a blog, puffed up in a haze and disappeared in the fog of obscurity?

And instead of translating your thoughts into a message, take the time to stare blankly at your computer screen? You know what I'm talking about. It is a difficult task to pronounce words when you have no idea what you want to write. Worse, the posting deadline is fast approaching, and the cursor just keeps on jerking. It seems like a "writer's block "when the muse has flown away, and there are only crows on the horizon, but I don't believe in the "writer's block ". It's a lack of good blog material and planning.

So, I thought I would help plan and put together a huge list of great blog ideas to get out of my depression. This article will never be finished and will be constantly revised.

 Blog post ideas that we will develop to expand and revise constantly.

This list will fill the content calendar.

There are different categories with many ideas so that you can choose your adventure.

Let's start with the goodies.

# 1. Culinary blog post topics.

Are you struggling for new ideas for food blog posts? Sometimes it's nice to go beyond the recipe formula and post food photos and do something else.

Here is a list of 50 food post ideas to use for your culinary or recipe blog.

Feel free to take this as a starting point and think about your perspective on each topic. What will work for a personal brand?

  • Highlight the ingredient. How to clean, store, cook, season.
  • Create a challenge to the generally accepted norms in the food theme. Feel free to try making oatmeal every day for a week, try eating it raw, or take inspiration from the lifestyle of a fellow blogger.
  • Explain in detail the culinary technique you are using, especially any cultural family strategy.
  • Unobtrusively recommend other food bloggers you admire.
  • What food and why?
  • Describe a grocery store in your home region/country in paint and photographs.
  • Share your story with the humour of how you fell in love with the food you hated. Semolina porridge, with lumps, on water and burnt on the fire.
  • The story of the food experienced during the trip.
  • Give budget tips for eating out, but remember, but alone won't fill your belly.
  • Write a review for a regular instant dish or finished product. Show your point of view, and express your personal opinion.

Food provides food for the brain. Banality splashes out of this phrase. Take a quick look at what Orson Welles said and continue to cover the topics for the culinary blog posts.

"Don't ask what you can do for your country. Ask in detail what for lunch. "George Orson Welles

  • Find a cookbook and write a review. The library is an inexhaustible resource.
  • Make a meal plan for the week and share with your audience.
  • Create menus for a special occasion or gala dinner - and include links to your recipes.
  • Organize kitchen space and provide visual guidance. Where are the knives, meat beaters, and where the rolling pin for the husband?
  • Rate the local restaurant, cafe, pre-lunch on the spot.
  • Share photography secrets and food photography process. Secrets will be learned over time, and each has an individual style.
  • Submit applications that relate to cooking, or social networks and groups.
  • Post what inspires you to blog and write topics.
  • Share tips on styling food, what props you use, and how to take a great photo. Styling is a beautiful presentation of food.
  • Kitchen gadgets appear every day. Amazon is the place to find and do a quick visual overview.

Take a break and see what Diana Abu-Jaber chooses:

"Marry, don't marry," Aunt Aya says as we unfold the layers of dough to make an apple strudel. Just don't have your children unless necessary. How do I know if needed? She stops and looks ahead, her hands gloved with flour. "Ask yourself: do I want a child or do I want to make a cake? The answer will come to you like the ringing of bells. She waves her fingers in the air behind her ear. "For me, the answer was almost always caked." Diana Abu-Jaber, The Language of Baklava: A Memoir

Untie the bag and pour it further:

  • A list of ways in which you keep your kitchen sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Share the creative process of how you create your recipes. What is the testing procedure? Who is the victim of experiments?
  • Guide healthy food for those who are sick, how to prepare food quickly and easily.
  • Describe kitchen ingredients that are suitable for skincare, such as masks and toners.
  • A guide to seasonal produce where you live. What products are always available locally.
  • Showcase a local grocery brand you love colourfully.
  • What food trend do you like/hate now?
  • What do you buy a ready-made? Chebureks, whites, salads or grilled chicken. Places describe where the best street food is prepared. In Moscow, they sold, five years ago, at the exit from the Krasnopresnenskaya metro station, cheeks - you swallow your tongue, along with your teeth.
  • On the weekend, visit and explore the local farmers market and prepare a meal from the shopping.
  • You are taking vitamins/supplements and why / why not.

The culinary blog is a gourmet destination. There are cake recipes here.

"Cakes are like books: there are new ones that you want to read, and old favorites, those that you want to reread." Ellen Rose

Take a strong breath and take a breath, continue after a smart thought.

  • A short tutorial on how to edit photos and share the software or applications you use when working with illustrations.
  • Come up with a treat for pets, use natural and healthy ingredients. Mika, the cat, loves ice cream, and it doesn't make the figure fat. Didn't notice anything.
  • List the essential kitchen tools you need to start a culinary blog.
  • Submit a selection of links to food-based gifts that come up to significant dates or from your website or other resources.
  • Food gifts that you buy, in a short time and regardless of the time of day. A bottle of cognac, cake and popcorn will also come in handy.
  • Guidelines for a party or event - children's birthday party, retirement party, themed dinner.
  • Offer a manual on the selection and storage of products, including a handy infographic.
  • How do you manage to eat well while on vacation or overeat sweets?
  • For a homemade version, imagine your favourite online drink — hot drink, cocktail, or smoothie mix.
  • Upgrade Old Recipe - Find an old cookbook and adapt the recipe to modern tastes.

Time goes by, we have run the middle of the marathon, and we are approaching the last ten.

"The secret of good cooking is, first of all, love for it ... If you are sure that cooking is hard work, you can never do it, and you can just as well reheat something frozen." James Beard (James Beard)

To be continued after the instructive words:

  • Match pairs to food and drinks, add other blog entries - if you've described a pasta recipe, suggest wine, or if you've published a cookie recipe, suggest a tea blend.
  • Write a list of tips on how to take pictures with your phone. Include examples of "bad" photos, followed by "good" enhancements.
  • Storage Secrets describe how to store spices or bulky baking tools. Moulds, baking sheets and skewers.
  • Outdoor Cooking - How to cook on a fire or barbecue.
  • Small gifts for the host or hostess for a party that resonate with food and more.
  • Develop guidelines for organizing an awards party or a winning party for a sports game final.
  • Summarize podcasts about foodies and lifestyle.
  • Take a closer look at the "underrated" food that you rarely see in recipes and find a way to popularize the foundling.
  • How to cook for the crowd on a tiny budget.
  • Meticulously recreate and prepare your favourite children's meal. The author loved the pancakes.

Fifty culinary blog post ideas flew out from under the keyboard. This is not a panacea that solves problems, but an easy impetus to creativity and imagination. In conclusion:

"Look at the French housewife walking slowly through the stalls loaded with fruits and vegetables ... in search of the peak of maturity and aroma ... What you see is a real artist, working, patiently collecting all the materials of his craft, like an artist rubbing oil paints on his palette, ready to create a masterpiece. "Chef - Chef Keith Floyd (Keith Floyd)

The French know a lot about delicious food.

# 2. Themes of posts for the beauty blog.

  • Makeup back to work. Makeup after vacation.
  • Festive makeup looks like.
  • Makeup for a summer music festival looks...
  • How to find the perfect lipstick
  • The best pharmacy beauty products
  • The best cosmetics for a penny
  • Beauty Essentials You Never Leave Your Home Without
  • The makeup that inspired Halloween 
  • Vegan beauty salon
  • Beauty bloggers YouTube, Top - 10
  • What's in your dresser drawer?
  • Your morning/night beauty routine in general, and your makeup routine in particular.
  • How to make a DIY body scrub
  • How to make DIY lip balm
  • How to make a DIY face mask.


  • Black Friday (sale) for cosmetics shopping
  • Back to school shopping
  • Compare two similar cosmetic products
  • Your daily makeup looks
  • Your night makeup looks
  • Your Favorite Makeup Brushes
  • Your favorite scents for the season
  • How do you do your makeup photos or videos?
  • How do you fix your makeup photos or videos?
  • Beauty Instagram accounts everyone should follow
  • Your Favorite Skin Care Products
  • Your usual skincare regimen
  • The best cosmetics for your skin type
  • Your favorite face masks
  • Which brands do you think are overrated?
  • Makeup Trends You Hate
  • Favorite makeup trends
  • How to choose the right hairstyle
  • Your favorite hair products
  • Your favorite hair styling tools.

  • Top 3 Favorite Easy Hairstyles
  • Your Favorite Braided Hairstyles
  • How to add shine to your hair
  • How to style your hair correctly
  • The best products for your hair type
  • Your favorite self-tanning products
  • Your makeup in ten minutes
  • What products have you recently purchased?
  • You're minimal / no makeup routine
  • The choice of varnish for the season
  • Feast of beauty
  • How your makeup changes over the years
  • Makeup mistakes you've made before
  • How do you store/organize your makeup
  • How do you perform a specific technique (like contouring)?

# 3. Ideas for a photoblog.

The audience doesn't care about the photographer's equipment. The audience cares what the photographer is doing with the equipment.

  • Write about how you recently created a photo with a client to help preserve a moment in life
  • The photos we took helped someone: in business, life, find a job.
  • Ask the customer to write a review
  • Try to find the difference between yourself and your competitors.
  • The photo shoot or photo session went in the wrong direction [an earthquake or tsunami occurred], how did you deal with it or deal with it.
  • A manual on how to prepare a client for a specific type of photography.
  • What kind of photos you don't take and why.
  • Things that make the client ideal for photography.
  • The opposite direction and tell us what a disgusting client is.
  • Interview suppliers
  • Behind the scenes photo or video
  • Why became a member of a professional organization of photographers
  • Why didn't you join such an organization
  • Showcase photos of partners or suppliers.
  • Contract, describe your own and why include specific clauses.
  • Show an example of how the client uses photographs.
  • Explain to clients how to choose a photographer.
  • Explain thoroughly as a fact that you are an experienced veteran photographer.
  • Description and tips write how you handle licensing and copyright protection for your own photographs.
  • Why are you selling prints or digital files, or both.
  • Time and how far in advance to plan photography on the eve of the holidays.
  • Ways to determine what size photo is suitable for a wall or display.

"There are no shadows in photography that cannot be illuminated." - Zander

"The photograph resembles a recipe for the memory of a finished dish." - Carrie Latet

  • Describe the questions that customers often ask.
  • Write a post in which you thank those who help, with equipment, with the organization or the supplier's company
  • Share the case about the funny thing that happened at the photo session.
  • Explain in detail why customers get more than they pay based on their own prices
  • Give a photo every day
  • A photo of the same one, publish every day that you photographed with new parameters.
  • Show in detail how your own vision of photography has developed over several months or years
  • Share images from a genre that hasn't been shared before.
  • A mistake was made on the set, how to restore damaged photos.
  • Show an example of a terrible image you made and tell us what it taught.
  • Share photos that you took on a family vacation.
  • Publish a selection of photographs that link to styles of music and explain the choice.
  • They read the book how photography relates to this.
  • How often do you photograph, and why.
  • Give the child the camera and let them take pictures. Comment write what you said about the picture.
  • Share a photo that people love but doesn't mean much personally.
  • Life events that inspired photography.
  • The ways in which it is available to view copyright photographs excluding photographs and digital sources.
  • Explain in detail how the time of day will affect mood and lighting in outdoor images
  • List the sources, where you will learn about the new in the photo business.
  • Share the project that you lead personally.

“You can look at a photo for a week and never think about it again. You can also look at a photograph for a second and think about it all your life. "- Juan Miro

"I believe that photographers should shoot what they want, not shoot what they get."- Roberto Valenzuela

  • Imagine a volunteer job that links to photography.
  • Write an article explaining how you make decisions about posing, positioning, staging, or timing
  • Share your own rationale for the style of retouching, editing or post-processing in detail
  • Describe the creative options that you offer, which are not available in the independent shooting option.
  • Share a series of images on the same blog that reflects a topic or theme. Examples that lead to an idea: wedding rings, balloons, or outdoor portraits of men.
  • Give examples of creative ways to use photography on a business card.
  • Example show what you are doing with new equipment
  • Principle Explain how to compare photography equipment.
  • Differences Discuss build quality of photography equipment
  • Self-made equipment.
  • A guide on how to use new things from the world of photography.
  • The equipment you love and prefer.
  • Publish the post with a description of the equipment from the photographer's arsenal, which was overestimated in the process.
  • Explain why you are packing a lot or a little equipment for a particular case.
  • Describe the places you prefer for outdoor photography.
  • Explain thoroughly why you are using natural light, lighting fixtures, or both.
  • Explain in detail why you keep your backup equipment.
  • Explain how you chose which camera brand you are using.
  • How to carry and transport equipment, and why.
  • Describe the equipment that you carry with you and that improves the quality of photographs.
  • Preparing for a photo session, how the process takes place.

# 4. Ideas for an author's blog.

"Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the tap is turned on." Louis Lamour

  • Describe in detail or imagine who influenced your career and development as a writer or author.
  • Writers with whom you communicate or be friends. Do a blog interview about creativity and success.
  • List the things that will help you find inspiration.
  • What a typical creative day looks like, with a detailed description by the hour.
  • Tips, tricks, and tools to help keep your writing career organized.
  • What inspires to come up with ideas and come up with characters.
  • Share tips and lessons that you have gained during creativity and book marketing.
  • What are the goals, as the author, are in the long and short term?
  • The goals you set for marketing and promoting your books.
  • Quotes About Writing and creativity that you love, remember and keep in mind.
  • Share your opinion about the masterclasses for novice authors.
  • Write a review of the masterclasses you attended.
  • Browse through products for writers.
  • Talk about how to use your favorite TV show to inspire and find characters, plots, and scenes.
  • Music helps to write or prefer silence.
  • Review the books you recommend to young authors.
  • List your favorite self-help books for writers.
  • List your favorite sites that help writers.
  • Explain how your research and study the topic for the new book.
  • List sites and tools that will help authors collect material for the book.
  • Tell us about future ideas and how to turn ideas into books.
  • Conduct interviews with industry representatives (agents, editors, publishers, marketers.)
  • Have an open discussion about the writing industry.
  • Highlight great articles by other authors/bloggers.
  • Talk about Critique Groups [Critique Group - These are groups of writers who regularly share their work to exchange feedback and improve their craft.] And survey some of the communities.
  • Talk about writing organizations and see some examples.
  • List your favorite author, blogs.
  • Talk about post request letters and personal experiences on the topic. [The Query Letter - Authors use request letters to convey article ideas to magazine editors or book ideas to agents and publishers seeking consent to publish.
  • Explain how you start a new-writing project.
  • List tools, websites, and companies that can help authors write a marketing plan.
  • Explain your marketing strategy.
  • Talk about blog newsletters, benefits and uses.
  • List your favorite blogs and articles.
  • What are the five biggest distractions from creativity in life and how to deal with them?

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." Edgar Lawrence Doctorow

  • Talk about short prose and how it can help or hinder a writing career.
  • Update an old popular article with new information or links.
  • Create a post listing and similar grouping articles from the past.
  • Talk about how you can use social-media to promote your book or writing career.
  • Talk about how to host online book parties.
  • Interview a judge about one of your books and ask them to explain what they would like to see changed and why.
  • Let's talk about the art of writing book advertising.
  • List the best selling-books in your genre and why they are doing well.
  • List the top-selling authors in your genre and why you think they are successful
  • List the potential income of authors, in your genre, who use agents.
  • Post a list of websites that offer writing jobs.
  • Talk about related job types that might work for writers and how to find them.
  • Explain how to sketch a book.
  • Explain your process for outlining the future book.
  • Share your experiences on blogging as a writer.
  • Explain plans for your blog (current and plans)
  • Let's talk about writing retreats, why you should use them, and where to find them.
  • Post a review of the writers' retreat you attended, preferably with photos.
  • Talk about grants for writers, where to find, and how to apply.
  • Name other writers who support and inspire creativity.
  • Let's talk about creative writing tips and how to use them for inspiration.
  • List websites that post creative tips and graphic tips.
  • Let's talk about keeping a writers' journal and a writer's notebook and the difference between the two.
  • Let's talk about the block of writers and how to prevent or overcome it.
  • Demonstrate infographics useful for writers.
  • Highlight useful infographics for bloggers.
  • Post helpful genre infographics.
  • Talk about the mistakes you made with your first MS project (unpublished or published).
  • Explain in detail how to plan a book signing event.
  • Teach about how to deal with bad reviews and how to learn from mistakes.
  • Submit a cool letter cartoon.
  • Make a post with funny GIFs about Writing.
  • Post a good song about creativity.
  • Download a fun video about writers.
  • Have a conversation about how to throw a presentation party (online or in-person)
  • Share your experience on how to brainstorm.

"Everyone has a book, but most of the time it should remain unread." Christopher Hitchens

"Ideas are not magic; the only tricky part is holding one long enough to write it down." Lynn Abbey

  • Talk about the benefits of a writing-partner and where to find a co-author.
  • Tell me how to speed up the writing process
  • Describe how to speed up your blogging process
  • Post an encouraging and inspiring message for writers
  • Post an original timeline.
  • Talk about how you can't sit-down and write.
  • Discuss time management tools for writers.
  • Conduct interviews with loved ones about your writing career and how they feel about it
  • Describe your goals as a writer, blogger, author for the year
  • Let's talk about how to find a literary agent and what to look for
  • Conversation on how to find a publisher and what to look for
  • How to make money on a writing blog.
  • How to stay on the good side for the Google search engine
  • How to plan everything in a writing career
  • How to plan everything in a marketing career
  • How to plan everything in a blogging career
  • Create a blogging schedule
  • Create a publication schedule.
  • Discuss the opportunity to seek help from your biggest fans to help spread the word about future books

"Writing is like sex. First you do it for love, then you do it for your friends, and then you do it for the money." Virginia Wolfe

  • How to find an editor
  • Talk about why a writer needs a literary lawyer and how to find one.
  • Discuss mistakes to avoid in your manuscript.
  • Talk about synopsis and mistakes to avoid in this area.
  • Make a list of publicists in your genre, what they are looking for and how to communicate with them.
  • Make a guide on how to speak or read in public.
  • Let's talk about how to come up with the names of the characters.
  • List of blog content generators and how to use them.
  • Talk about how to make book trailers.
  • Share your opinion and tips on blog design.
  • Talk about inspirational message boards and how you can help your creativity.
  • List some exercises for authors.
  • Benefits of business cards, where to order and how to arrange.
  • Let's talk about the authors of the platforms and how to build them.
  • How to choose a title for a book.
  • Book Cover and Promotional Role: Design Tips.
  • Competitions for authors and their assistance in their careers.
  • Conduct a review of literary contests.
  • Fan Contests: Help promote art and business.
  • Share your daily to-do list.
  • Explore the genre in which you write and share your findings or findings.
  • Explore readers in the genre you write and report your findings.
  • Talk about finding niches in the genre and how to use it to gain more readers.
  • List writing apps and showcase on your blog.
  • Podcasts for writers and ways to use or start from scratch.
  • Make a list of podcasts for writers.
  • How to come up with blog ideas.
  • Post a list of blog ideas. YES!
  • Talk about book clubs and how you can help your career.
  • Discuss ideas on how to attract readers, followers, fans.
  • List the authors who have received awards in your genre.
  • Give your opinion on ghostwriting [ghostwriting - literary slaves]

"Write everything you know. It won't take you long." Howard Nemerov

"Words don't express thoughts very well. They always become a little different right after their expression, a little distorted, a little silly" Hermann Hesse.

  • Publish How to Articles related to creativity.
  • Discuss writers - publisher's scammers and how to avoid meeting these nasty faces.
  • Talk about ways to save, organize, and access your favorite articles from the web.
  • Let's talk about magazines, is it worth investing in them and how to make deals with them.
  • List of great magazines for writers and authors.
  • Discuss how to use astrological-signs to create expanded characters.
  • Talk to social networks how to use, from the author.
  • Explore popular social media groups and find out how best to use for a writing career.
  • Talk about how to market your books locally.
  • Talk about using keywords and which ones to use.
  • Tell us about the methods of promoting the book.
  • Let's talk about how to write an About Me page.
  • List the key elements that every writer or author should have on their page.
  • Explain SEO for Bloggers
  • Explain analytics
  • Let's talk about Authorship in Web Search [Google Authorship] - [Google no longer supports this service, but the idea is interesting from the point of view - to remember the past. So let it be]
  • Discuss what a book production team is and how to create and use one
  • How to maintain a personal Twitter account.
  • Talk about hashtags and how to create for books.
  • Facebook Campaigns Conversation
  • Talk about Google campaigns.
  • Talk about the pros and cons of creating social media pages for your most popular characters.
  • Discuss how to make an e-book from your old blog articles.
  • Talk about street-teams, how to form them, and how to use them.
  • What are press-releases and media kits and how to make them?
  • Talk about how to get interviews with local newspapers, TV shows, and radio shows.
  • Talk about the advantages of partnering with a brand in your creative niche.
  • Benefits of renting a billboard to advertise a book.
  • Create a viral-video that depicts a scene from your book
  • Let's talk about where and how to read books.
  • Discuss where to donate your book and how it will help you gain new readers.
  • Talk about book stories and how to build strong scripts.
  • Talk about how to build a scene in a book.
  • Talk about how to revise and edit the text and the difference between the two.
  • Talk about the distinction between a reader and a fan and who to invest more money and time in.
  • "So what? All writers are crazy!" Cornelia Funke, Inkspell
  • A post on how to write a dialogue between characters
  • Let's talk about how to create a hero of the opposite sex with you.
  • An article about the e-book market and how it helps an author's career.
  • Talking about how to write a sequel to your book
  • Talk about how to use your writing career as a business.
  • A detailed article on tax deductions in the writing business.
  • Legal Conversation That Authors Should Know
  • Talk about how to format MS.
  • How to create the perfect hero or heroine.
  • How to create the perfect villain.
  • Create a budget and timeline for book marketing.
  • Talk about how to do your marketing plans to a publisher.
  • List of free sites to help promote your book.
  • Talk about how to recognize and connect with your audience.
  • A list of sites or programs that are worth $ but will help promote the book.
  • Talking about the importance of professional headshots
  • Find out how to submit articles.
  • Talk about summary social media sites and how to use them for your blog and social media.
  • Tell us about the tools that Amazon offers to writers.
  • Talk about how to create your writing class online.
  • Discuss what tour blogs are and how to create them.
  • How to write travel notes.
  • Discuss how to handle your webcam to achieve results.
  • Talk about freelance Writing [freelance] and how to make a career as a freelance writer [freelancer].
  • What are the methods of the book review and what professional book review looks like
  • Talk about how to make money doing book reviews.
  • Talk about an audiobook and whether it's worth investing in making an audio version of the text.
  • How to make an audiobook
  • What is better to read a text or listen to an audiobook.
  • List of words to use in your Writing
  • How to use your local library to advance your writing career
  • How to become a writer.
  • List of words to avoid while writing
  • How to juggle a writing-career and a full-time job.
  • How to balance Writing and part-time work

"Easy reading - hard writing." Nathaniel Hawthorne

# 5. Themes for posts on Instagram.

A decline in creativity. I started a blog on Instagram and don't know what to post about. Crystal bright ideas for Instagram blog posts will help you deal with the problem and boost you.

This is a blitz round, and we expect the proposals to show the direction and set the azimuth.

Life stories.

Ideas are born with a wave of the hand. Take a quick look around and find old photos of a wedding, prom, or kindergarten New Year's party.

Readers will react to the surge of nostalgia because the habit prevails, and a pack of pictures or flash drives are stored in every home. Don't forget that Instagram is a personal platform and is powered by visuals.

  • Tell a story that is funny and funny.
  • Make a story in the style of a woman's novel, with tears and a happy ending.
  • A story that contains morality and conclusion.
  • A happy accident that made me cry.
  • The victory came when no one expected.
  • The failure was epic and protracted.
  • Remember your youth and remember what happened five or ten years ago.
  • We did a good deed for free.
  • Shame eats the eyes in this story—an awkward situation.
  • Dreams are strange and not like dreams.

Stories about recent events.

People do not live in a vacuum and world events in one way or another concern everyone, even at the level of discussion.

The blogger is not a political observer, and there is no need to dwell on the news in detail. Discuss the topics that are burning. Non-intrusive, elegant, and free of political bias. The opinion leader leads.

Inquisitively trying on the crown of the leader - yes, otherwise you would not be looking for ideas for a blog that you started on Instagram. Then put forward the task and indicate the direction. And then, who knows, maybe you can help solve a local problem. Or the world...

Posts on the topic of the day cause lively discussion, and sometimes from fist analysis, the lack of physical contact saves.

It's easy. Open the news feed and select the latest events.

  • Brexit has happened. Johnson will withdraw the UK from the EU or not.
  • Trump's new tweet.
  • In China, a new-born disease and four people have already died. Cheating is happening like with swine and bird flu, or is it not a new cheat.
  • The government was changed in the Russian Federation. What is it for? For a long time?
  • The aliens are gone. Where did the aliens go? Green-skinned people no longer kidnap people or experiment with them.

Events change every day - discuss, criticize, enjoy.

Hide the negative in the closet. There is enough negativity in the media, and people are tired of the constant stream of explosive events.

Tune the wave on a fun note, not on "your own wave," but on a stream of humor, jokes, and a little bit of laughter.

Discovery of the year, month, day.

Got experience in some business. Tell your readers about it.

  • The book was read, and the world turned upside down.
  • The comedy made me laugh and smiled even in my sleep.
  • The cafe was discovered new when we wandered around the city and were bored.
  • The hairstyle pleases the soul, which was done by the new hairdresser.
  • The smartphone app came out yesterday and is worth half a kingdom.
  • The Internet is killing online life, what's new in life, living beyond the monitor's boundaries.
  • Suddenly they got to the bottom of the homespun truth and blinked in surprise.
  • You bought a tasty treat and still lick your fingers.
  • The mask for the face was made for the first time in my life. The cream was applied at night, and in the morning, you look ten years younger. The husband is shocked; the children do not recognize and call their mother.

 My expert.

Teaching others is rewarding, exciting, and fun at times. The author knows how to tie sneakers with multi-colored laces skillfully. Thousands of people don't know and will be happy to learn.

The cat became friends with birds when they applied a personal recipe for raising felines. The world deserves to know about this miracle. The account is of practical value, people will listen with pleasure, and the subscription will grow.

  • Recipes from which you will swallow your tongue.
  • How to save money and spend less on things, food, travel.
  • Hair curls and shines like silk. The reader will listen and taste a wonderful recipe.
  • Learn a foreign language day and night. How to deal with memorizing word streams. A footnote from the author: DO NOT LEARN THE WORDS. Words are remembered mechanically when they read books and watch videos. DO NOT SPECIALLY COMMIT WORDS.
  • How cheap and stylish it is to carry out a designer upgrade in a room on your own.
  • Travel for a penny.

Striving to get the experience you want.

People strive for something. And this happens until the end of life. Curiosity pushes to discover how the battle of friends and acquaintances takes place, respectively. Someone is curious to know about the author's attempts to move the mountain.

Someone dreams of learning a foreign language through films. Someone wants abs like Stallone's.

Present your cherished desire to the readers. This is a double benefit—an incentive to put into practice what you have in mind and promote your account for development.

  • I will apply the diet, and after one month, 10 kilograms will evaporate.
  • I'll learn to knit sweaters in a week.
  • In twenty days I will read five books in English.
  • I'll quit smoking in one day.
  • Sweets, cakes, and sweets die for a month.

 Ask for advice.

People love to advise with or without asking. Tips like to stream online when no one knows who is giving this stupid advice or, on the contrary, smart.

Ask subscribers to help. Show casually that you value participation and appreciate the help. Do not overplay and do not seek to fill more comments. "I don't care" is mortally insulting, in response to a sincere desire to help. Openly ask only what is burning and what you need.

  • Where to buy spring coats, summer shorts, fall trench coats, and winter shoes to look elegant.
  • They watched films, read books, listened to music. What to do.
  • Buy a car and were at a loss of what to choose. The color of the umbrella is also suitable for discussion.
  • Summer is coming and where to jump. Alone or with family.
  • What gift to give for a birthday, boyfriend or girlfriend, or elderly relative.

Look intently into the distance and see, as in the palm of your hand.

Try to become a clairvoyant. Predict events in life, a game, or a lottery. Football matches score. The result of elections in the country. It will be a discussion and an argument.

But be careful and do not prepare the fate of Ilya Varlamov with dollars. Although the comrade received advertising, he did not achieve the glory of a seer.

  • Summer will be hot.
  • Next year, Mikhalkov will divorce.
  • Google will update the algorithm this year.
  • Gigi Hadid ( @gigihadid ) • Photos and videos on Instagram) will soon retire.
  • JK Rowling (the JK Rowling replies ( @jk_rowling ) | Twitter) writes a sequel of Harry Potter.

Describe your travels around the world or the city.

There is no limit to the development of conversation and new topics. Owning a travel blog or starting a travel blog is an endless topic.

Thoughts and flashes of fantasy will help in this direction. Any event you think of will do—ways to carry suitcases, before being abducted by aborigines on a desert island.

  • Pack your luggage for your trip. How do you do it? Checklist writes or speaks like Ross and Monica Geller - "Check."
  • Which airline evokes sad thoughts, and which soul sings with.
  • A journey to remember until old age.
  • Tomorrow Africa will embrace. What to expect on this tour.
  • Where are you going? Describe the place where you are going on the excursion.

The topic for the post is work.

The job provides ideas for Instagram blog posts and the flow of creativity and creativity.

Continue working tirelessly with blogging, talk about the place where the third part of your life is.

  • Where do you work, and by whom?
  • Team and management.
  • Customer feedback on the work.
  • What's new in the workplace?
  • Show cabinet or workplace.
  • What is included in the range of work responsibilities?
  • Blog posts, how to write, and share photography secrets.

 More and more ideas for Instagram posts.

  • Congratulations to the holidays.
  • Selection of films, books, serials, photographs on the topic.
  • Give prizes to small subscribers.
  • Submit your product and write a short review.
  • A poll on an arbitrary topic.
  • A selection of quotes for every occasion.
  • Recommend other people's accounts, whom you read.
  • Scatter statistical figures on posts.
  • Play Word of the Week
  • "Event of the week," month, year, day.
  • Checklist for the month.
  • Daily or weekly tasks.
  • Contest for the funny, witty, or sad commentary of the month.
  • A hobby that you do not like.
  • Express your gratitude for the service or help.
  • What is unpleasant, and without what things life does not seem full of energy.
  • How you greet the morning. Coffee, cigarette, newspaper. Juice, jogging, oatmeal.
  • Your follower's history.
  • How to develop good habits. It's a habit.
  • How we started a blog and became a blogger.
  • Remember the old messages and make a review post.
  • City secrets and legends of the native place.
  • What do you value in people more?
  • Write a letter to your beloved or loved one.
  • Show your imagination and ask what will change if ... elephants fly, and mice play guitars.
  • Perfect day.
  • How does a routine day differ from an excellent one?
  • Ask questions and give answers.
  • What questions are burning, but no one thinks to do this.
  • Share your experience on how to attract subscribers.
  • Cat, dog, hamster. Who is a personal pet?
  • Experiment with a culinary theme. Mix horseradish and whipped cream. Is it tasty or disgusting?
  • Create shtukeniya, which no one has thought of for centuries: a shoelace hanger or more maniacs.
  • There are bloggers subscribers. Share the content that a colleague wrote.
  • You are in correspondence with someone, and it is exciting. Post your screenshot.
  • Ask followers who are interested in them.
  • Post publishes secondary dating. Remind who you are.
  • Funny pictures rule. Photos of children, pets, and ask for a headline or quatrain.
  • The wait is intriguing. Ask a strange question with a touch of mystery, crazy, and answer in the next post.
  • Build a couple of posts about the opposite of your blog. Traveling - sitting in front of the TV.
  • Ask for criticism. But don't cry or freak out if you get too pricked.
  • Rebus, riddles, charades.
  • Publish your wish list and try to compare it with other people's dreams.

Hundred Round numbers. I hope these Instagram blog ideas give you a chance to write at least one post. And this will be a great post.

# 6. Ideas for blog content.

1. How did you start your career? And how did you go to where you are today?

The answer to this question is a great way for followers to catch up on their travels. Share everything. You can just change someone's life and push them towards achieving goals:


  • Why did you start blogging?
  • Why did you choose the type of blogging, and what was the reason.
  • How you chose a niche for your blog in which you write.
  • Be a specific type of blogger (freelancer or keep a personal diary), tell them about it.
  • You regret that you started a blog in this particular niche or, on the contrary, are glad.

Try to distract yourself and talk about a career in another field (if any):


  • You are a programmer
  • Builder
  • Master of Sport
  • Accountant
  • Cosmonaut

The story about your related professions can last for years and will find grateful listeners.

2. List and insert videos that are relevant to the blog niche.

An endless blog post theme. And, what is beautiful, it is continually evolving. After all, new films come out every day, and not only artistic but also popular science.

There is no limit to imagination. Have you made your choice and started a culinary blog with a focus on general questions?

The filmography includes hundreds of films related to food, chefs and restaurants:


  • Chef for the President / LES SAVEURS DU PALAIS
  • The Adventures of a Chef in London / Ramji Londonwaley
  • Kitchen
  • Girls
  • Love's Kitchen
  • Couscous and red mullet / La Graine et le Mulet
  • The Adventures of Food Boy
  • Girls
  • We arrived at the cooking contest
  • Waitress / WAITRESS
  • Ratatouille / RATATOUILLE
  • Spice Princess /  मिस्ट्रेस ऑफ़ स्पाइसेज़
  • Recipe for a Perfect Christmas
  • The Fate of the Confectioner / Just Desserts
  • Burning Man
  • Mr. Septim's Restaurant / Le Grand Restaurant

This is a quick list, as you know, and there is no point in listing all the masterpieces here. You can show one movie a day, or a week, or create lists related to a specific topic in cooking.

And then again, you can republish and reuse your content and add information about the actors and their connections with the cooking or restaurant business. Actors love to open restaurants and have one post a week on this topic.

For example, if you were a blog writer, you could make a list of 20 videos on how to become a better blogger. Think of good and useful videos that will help your reader become better at what they do.

3. Make a good list of posts and links that focus on one topic.

This is the user's favorite topic. Everyone loves lists of relevant links on a topic. No need to go through the search engines, but just choose what you like. 

The trend is as follows. Go to Google and type in a request for what you want to make a list about. For example, the best blogging tools; look at the search results and find the effect on the first page, which offers the most significant number of devices. Make your list, but five more sentences.

On the other step, it may not work if you already have a list of 100 or more options.

You can go the other way. For example, we take the phrase "How to start" and act. Offhand from my site:


  • How to start a culinary blog
  • How to start and blog about lifestyle
  • How to start a beauty blog
  • How to start and grow a fashion blog

The benefit is evident and visible to the naked eye:

  • Have a blog post
  • There are internal links that let SEO - juice, along the arteries of the blog
  • There is useful content that will help the user 

Google loves and rewards useful content. Consequently, another brick is laid in the foundation for the development of the project.

Don't make lists that link to unknown or incomprehensible sites. Collections must meet one of two requirements:

  • Links from your blog
  • Links from reputable sites

The best option is when the two requirements coincide, and your site becomes authoritative in its niche. This is in the future, and the future is achievable. 

4. What tips didn't work?

It's always nice to know what worked. But many things don't work, so why not share them so that no one else makes the same blogging mistakes on the road to success?

Yes, we love to read about lucky guys making millions, beautiful women, and a twin brother who came from nowhere.

But even more to my liking, reading about epic failures, failures, and failures happened, of course, not with us.

Bring this joy to your readers and be in the shoes of a particular loser (not for long and not always)


  • We chose the wrong niche where it was boring or overestimated knowledge of the topic and had to restart the blog in a new way.
  • You made a mistake with hosting for your blog, which burst, taking your project into oblivion.
  • Google sent filters to your site for keyword abuse, and it took a painful and long time to get out of sight.
  • We went through a lot of options, read gigabytes of instructions on how to choose a name for a blog, and in the end settled on the one that sounds like "twats" (I won't translate, but this is, a little distorted, the most obscene English word)

These failures cost you nerves and headaches. Don't hold back and share. You will achieve four goals at once:

  • Amuse the people
  • Teach from your unpleasant experience
  • Get a unique post that no one else has
  • Get closer to your audience

Of course, you don't have to overdo it, and a blog story about failures when trying to rob a store will cause a quick response, but it is unlikely to benefit both you and the project readers.

But an article on the topic of errors when building internal links is just excellent. Mistakes in blogging and how to avoid or fix them are covered in this topic.

5. Write a list of frequently asked questions.

Endless theme. Questions, questions, and questions. There are many specialized sites, forums, and encyclopedias, and the topic does not die:

  • Yahoo! Answers
  • CSDN
  • Quora
  • Ask.com
  • Mail.ru responses
  • Stack Overflow 

Both our blog and your project are designed to respond to users. So answer. For any question, you can write three great posts from 1140 to 1285 words. And it is precisely this volume, according to the latest statistics about blogs that the most rated articles in search results have.

The answer, answer, answer. Don't ask questions? Ask yourself and explain to yourself what is related to blogging or a related topic. Be a psycho and talk to yourself.

An article on the meaning of nofollow / dofollow, noopener, noreferrer, and noindex, arose in the same manner. Don't ask now, ask later, and get a bonus in the form:

  • The message is already ready
  • Speak like an expert on the topic
  • Create another corner for the blog ecosystem

Question - answer is a clear yardstick and route for a great post on your blog: nothing extra and no white noise. Confident, complete solution and posts are baked like pancakes by a French chef.

6. Take an unrelated topic and tie it somehow to your field.

Prefer something-that has nothing to do with blogging and blogging and turning it into something relevant to your career.

An abundant idea for blog posts. For some reason, Volkov's book "The Wizard of the Emerald City "is spinning in my head Disjointed things at first glance, but to unite the impossible are to win.

Do you have a culinary blog?

Fine. Ellie ate fruit to the Emerald City. How much can be drawn from this:

  • Fruit diet and fruit salads
  • Juices and preparation methods
  • Create a salad and name it "The Way Home."
  • The nuts that the Scarecrow collected will help tell about the whole fruit jam. 

Started and keep a blog about beauty (beauty blog). You are welcome:


  • The eternal youth of Stella (the ruler of the Pink Country), will push on anti-aging creams.
  • Cinema died from the water, tell us about washing. What water to rinse your face with? Warm or cold?
  • Toads and mice were forced to catch Munchkins, the evil Bastida, for food. Tell us about cosmetics made from exotic items.

Do you have a fashion blog? Well, it's quite simple:


  • Ellie's (Dorothy) plaid apron outfit is classic and fetish at the same time.

From one book, you can squeeze posts and blog ideas for a month of continuous writing. 

7. Invite a guest to a guest blog post.

Guest posting is a great way to get more followers and also a way to build credibility. Just make sure that when you invite influential people, you win.

I just started a blog and wrote your first post yesterday?

You do not know anyone in the blogosphere and do not strive for acquaintances yet, but you want to write, but thoughts do not even enter your head?

It's such a small thing!

You have:

  • Acquaintances
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Wife or husband
  • Co-workers 

Ask about what you want to write and let them give an opinion or tell an old recipe for pancakes (grandmother).

Nobody will read, and nobody is interested?

There will be. You have just the beginning, and if colleagues and acquaintances of acquaintances read it, this is already an achievement.

And yes, uniqueness is valued on the Internet.

Why is there such confidence that the post will not turn out to be an isolated one?

Do it, and everything will work out.

Guest blogging isn't just about writing articles.

Make a video presentation or photo.

Twenty photos of your favorite cat on one page are not a great idea for a blog, but for the first time, it will work.

Grow up acquaintances, strive for communication, and get involved in the life of social networks.

Guest blogging provides tons of ideas for posts on your blog.

Appreciate it over time.

8. What makes a blog/business different from the competition?


It is sometimes scary when you surf the Internet and realize that other blogs look more fantastic and professional than their own.

It is not so hard to go through if it is not a direct competitor in business.

It is important to remember two axioms:

  • No blog has been like this since birth
  • If you strive, you can do better. 

Yes, competitors were doing a blog, and they didn't have an example before their eyes.

You have a sample, and you can improve it.

And here's a great blog post idea. Analyze and compare:

  • Compare a personal project with someone else's
  • Compare two or more third party blogs 

Carefully analyze the better or worse the competitors are. Describe the positive and negative aspects.

Take a fresh look, not clouded by bias (but doing for yourself, so don't be cunning)

On the Internet, you will always find reviews and comparisons of products, blogging tools 

and a variety of products and services.

Take part in this and make your blog a participant in the competition.

Get triple benefits:

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Someone will learn from the reviews
  • Write a couple of helpful posts 

As long as your blog, you will find what needs to be improved in the project.

And therefore, this blog post idea will be present throughout your blogging.

9. How creatively your product or advice was used.

Here the topic is more for businesses or small entrepreneurs who produce this product. But thought can be flipped 180 °.

Outward creativity and remember what we did wrong and the wrong one.

  • Used tobacco to tighten the wiring in the radiator
  • Wrote a blog post while lying in the bathroom, at the police station, or in geography class.
  • Using old socks to store onions (for a culinary blog, that's another post)
  • Use chewed gum to fill the gap under the windowsill
  • Watch TV while standing on your head while doing yoga 

Millions, billions of posts can be thought of about the misuse of products, goods, and things.

If you think that such questions were popular only in the USSR, where plastic bags were used a hundred times, you do not know life and do not understand anything in the West.

The West is the ECONOMY. Yes, in capital letters.

And typing in Google the phrase - Ways to Reuse Feed Bags - How to reuse food bags - you will faint, with envy, at Americans' creativity.

The direction of this idea for the blog is clear, and finally, a photo of motorcycles from beer bottle caps.

The motorcycle costs $ 25, and at the time of the college, almost 400 units were sold. Ten thousand dollars out of nothing. How much beer!

10. Interview with a reader or client.

The way is as old as the world. Even if you are on the first path of project development, then ask visitors to answer questions.

Publish a simple questionnaire that includes:

  • How you found the blog
  • They come to the project constantly or for the first time and will no longer appear on the blog
  • What you like and what not 

Do not be afraid of criticism Elbert Hubbard said (slightly paraphrased, but the meaning is 100%):

Does nothing, say nothing, be anything - and you will avoid criticism.

Brilliant. Engage readers in the activity orbit.

  • Interview
  • Polls
  • Quiz
  • Best photography competition 

One hundred words article competition

All this may not work right away and on the same day, but over time, there will be people who want to participate in the blog's life.

After all, people write 

Wikipedia and fill out forums.

Why do you consider it will be different from you?

Interview visitors. Learn something new about a blog or business.

11. How you use social media to drive traffic or sales.

Share how you used social media to drive traffic and sales. This is a topic that many people are interested in as a way to grow blogs and businesses, so if you have any great tips, please share.

Social networks represent a vital role in the development of the project, and it is foolish to ignore it.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • In contact with
  • Reddit 

And that's just the main one. Write a guide on how you use to get traffic, and if not, describe why.

The blog post is like a mini-guide. And if you have achieved success, even subtle, then it will serve as an impetus for someone:

  • Publish article announcements on VKontakte
  • Participate in Facebook groups
  • Tweet incessantly
  • Making pins for Pinterest

Is there success? Tell us about it. Not? Analyze this.

A blog post titled "3 Epic Failures on Pinterest" will score even higher in value than "78 ingenious ways to get blog visitors from social media."

  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Gives experience 

Why not try to bring this blog idea to life.

12. Create Ultimate Guide.

Write the definitive guide to something in the industry or your chosen blog niche.

A favorite topic for the elderly show business stars and English-speaking bloggers:

  • Last tour
  • The closing performance at La Scalar
  • Farewell world tour
  • The Ultimate Guide on "How to come up with Blog Ideas."
  • Full description of "How to Become a Blogger in 2020 ".

Over time, the blog accumulates a couple of articles on the same topic. Compile and squeeze the extract for a great blog post. It will be:

  • Credible report (unlikely to write multiple posts on an empty question)
  • This will be complete coverage of the issue. 

And everyone loves it when the topic is closed. When the problem is solved, and you can find the answers in one place.

Well, a year later, in a new way. This idea will not die.

"There is nothing more volatile than stability."

I said it! Or maybe he overheard somewhere. I do not remember.

13. What is the best part of what you do?

And really what?

What's better than blogging? To blog is:

  • Independence
  • Earnings
  • Irregular working hours 

No, these answers are certainly not true as long as the blog develops, and an enormous exaggeration. How to highlight what attracted you to the creation of the project helps to forget about the time spent and pushes for further improvement?

This is how self-digging and articles would be collected into two volumes.

Write a philosophical post:

  • Are you glad you started a blog?
  • Are you leading a project by inertia, or are you moving towards your goal by leaps and bounds?
  • Maybe already a step away from closing and share why?

In this vein, a story about past work or a present one will not sound fake if you combine two things at once.

What's the best thing about doing? 

Probably self-education. You will learn many things that you had no idea about and would not have suspected until the end of your life.

Tell your readers everything.

14. Interview the team.

Write a list of questions and send them to team members. This will help readers and clients feel like they know who is behind the blog, product, or site.

Any successful enterprise is proud of its employees and team that produces decent products.

It's easy for small entrepreneurs and businesses, but what a lone blogger can do.

You are not planning to recruit any team and employees. Didn't come out tall. (For now, hopefully). Okay, tell me who is helping you indirectly. Which allows us to blog and write articles every day or once a week?

  • Husband, wife, acquaintances, mom?
  • Favorite cat or adorable dog.
  • Hobby, book, or character
  • Sports stars - they are so determined

Who serves as an example and pushes to further search for ideas for blog posts and write endless articles.

Educate your audience and help them understand. Who is behind it all?

Someone will be interested and useful, someone will receive support, and someone will have a similar example. 

"Being boring is so boring."

Like, mine again.

Tell us about your helpers, even if it's Dirol chewing gum. 

15. Newly hired new employees? How did you decide to hire them?

Share the characteristics and qualities that business owners or entrepreneurs should look for when hiring a team.

Again, a more production issue. And here it is clear that it will be appropriate to speculate on the topic of who would like to have in your future team.

  • What qualities do you prefer when working with people?
  • Love to command or vice versa obey
  • Prefer non-conflict or people who defend a personal point of view

Imagine a team - a dream. Formulate your vision of the ideal team and your role in it.

There is a lot of material to be squeezed out of this blog post idea.

  • Why do you prefer these qualities?
  • You own the characteristics that you require from others
  • Easy to work in a team or prefer solo work

An immense topic, team relationships for a dozen posts.

16. Write a Manifesto. 

Goenss Jeff (Jeff Goins, Goinswriter.com) said:

"Before you know what your calling is, you must believe that you are called to something."

And another quote from Jeff:

"Believe that you are already who you want to be. Then start behaving like that. "

Write your manifest. Tell us what you see as your calling and what the point of blogging is for you. 

No, it shouldn't look like a life credo, a locksmith - an intellectual with motor, Poles ova: 

"Always! ". Describe what you see the meaning of life and what you are trying to achieve. Which ways are you making your way to the goal? If blogging is one of the tools on your way to the top, share:

  • What is the meaning of blogging for you?
  • What is your goal by starting a project?
  • What will be considered an achievement of the goal? 

People are interested in recognizing someone else's life aspiration and comparing it with personal steps on the path to success.

  • Are you trying to make money?
  • Do you set a goal to help people?
  • Do you collect material on a specific topic?

What is the main purpose of your blogging? You will have some top-notch blog post ideas as you develop this topic.

And as a bonus, get a full description of the meaning of your business.